Video: Shocking As Woman Gives Birth To A Chicken

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A 27-year-old Tanzania woman gave birth to a strange creature with features like that of a chicken on Sunday morning 13th, December 2020, at Uvinza District in Kigoma Province.

The woman was said to have been rushed to the Hospital by her 52-year-old husband  after she complained of labour pains. After being admitted at the Hospital she shockingly delivered the strange creature instead of a baby.

This woman did not show any signs of having a pregnancy that was out of the ordinary. The creature that came out of her did not look like it came from her uterus. Even though she looked pregnant, unconfirmed reports say that the creature was entered into her by a witch doctor. We are still investigating with the authorities to get to the bottom of the matter,”  Chief Inspector of Kigoma, James Manyama told the media.

This is very strange and something that needs explanation from scientists.