Video: Thousands Of Fans Storm UTV Premises Just To Meet Medikal After United Showbiz Program, The Rapper Makes It Rain On Them

by - 2 mins earlier reported on AMG Medikal trending on social media after an uncommon thing happened during last Saturdays United Showbiz program on UTV. The sensational rapper totally failed to remember he was on live Tv as he was fast asleep.

Abeiku Santana who was the host of the program the previous evening chose to ask him how he sees nurturing so far since he is presently a dad.

After Abeiku Santana posed the question to Medikal he understood the rapper was extremely calm or presumably didn’t hear the question so he hung tight for some time for him to come back to himself.

Well, a latest video which has been chanced on by our outfit captures some die-hard fans of the rapper patiently waiting at the premises of UTV just to have a glimpse of their super star.

Medikal upon coming out started receiving praises from his die-hard fans. Some went as far as giving him a hug as he also posed for some selfies with these fans. Medikal as we all know decided to make it rain on the fans.

Checkout the video below;