Video..Touching Moment as Samini gifts 16 year Old Daughter iPhone 11 on Birthday.

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Emmanuel Andrews Sammini popularly known as Samini in Showbiz, was once again the happiest man as he celebrated his First daughters Birthday with whom God gifted 16 years ago shortly after his Infamous “Linda” hit song. Samini’s daughter by name Toyila Samini looked all grown and fully prepared for womanhood as she looked all smiles and happy as her father showered blessings, kisses and an ultimate dream for every 16 year old an Iphone 11 which Samini purchased for her.

Per checks Toyila Samini was born on 9th Febraury 2004 and is currently not based in Ghana, watch Video Below!

The proud dad Samini took to his instagram Handle to write this Touching heartfelt birthday message Quote “6 years ago I became a dad and everything changed for me. You brought me so much joy words can’t explain and you gave me a reason to be responsible for the rest of my life. You’ve grown to become a very wonderful and responsible young lady killing them with straight “A”s in school and taking care of your siblings with so much love and affection.
My first child ,my first baby ,my first love I named after my mum for all the obvious reasons 😊❤️❤️❤️
Happy birthday to my princess @teesssaa_s … She says I should tell y’all to follow her public account @tessawiththecurls for her natural hair styling hobby I think is dope and must me encouraged. Ok I’m typing too much lol. Bye bye … I’m 38 with a 16 year old daughter… I’m online ordering guns and ammunition 😠🤫”

Samini’s heartfelt message to Daughter Toyila Samini..