Video, Trump Runs Away from Doctor who Claims she had Symptoms of Coronavirus.. Must Watch!

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Donald Trump is holding daily White House Press Briefings about the Coronavirus for most American people who are currently quarantined after his administration banned all Public gathering following a sharp surge in Coronavirus cases in the USA.

However many have criticized Trump of not taking the Disease seriously earlier enough and always referring to it as a Hoarse anytime Journalists questioned him about it few weeks ago, but then Trump today announced to the American People he is planning to give a go ahead for the normal day to day activities to begin again though Doctors and experts have warned against such measure of breaking the Social Distance practice by most Americans currently.

But the drill of the Moment was when Dr Brix whilst answering reporters confessed she missed last week daily white-house press briefing because she started showing symptoms related to the Covid-19 which she later tested negative after opting for a test, these words immediately sent Trump running of the poduim which obvious sparked fury of some and at the same cracking ribs of many — Watch the Hilarious Moment below!