Video: ”Woadwene Mpo Nie” -Ghanaians Blast Patapaa For Sharing His ”Weak” Thoughts On Akuapem Poloo’s Jail Issue

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Chief of Pa2pa Soldiers, Patapaa, has spoken on the viral Akuapem Poloo’s prison issue. In a video chanced on by, Patapaa said he has attempted to comprehend the judgment dispensed to Akuapem Poloo for this situation however he can’t deal with it.

Patapaa at that point turned to profane language, saying in the Akan language that on the off chance that you open your private part (mentioning the actual word), you can wind up being imprisoned for one year.

By his remark, Patapaa appears to caution that individuals should be careful about the things they post via online media all together not to wind up like Akuapem Poloo and be imprisoned for a year.

Well guess what, some social media commentators have lashed out at the musician for his thoughts. Some went as far as calling him a bush boy.

Checkout the video below;