Video: Would You Buy This Concept iGlass From iPhone If It Comes Into Reality? Check It Out

Well, for most of you who don’t know, reports currenty gathered from our outfit indicates that iphone has been working on developing its own digital sunglasses. A sunglass which will be called the iGlass.

For those of you who do not know what the iGlass is, it is an optical see-through reality smart glasses in its basic form. It will have a semi-transparent 3D TV on-the-go which will be folded in a 170-gram ultralight glasses form-factor, for non-immersive mobile entertainment on the go. has chanced on a concept video of how the iGlass might look like and we think it is going to be dope but as to how it it will take before it becomes a reality, we cannot tell. We are also hoping it will not cost much.

Checkout the video below;



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