Video: Yemi Alade Comments On Beyoncé Being A ‘Culture Vulture’ And The Possibility Of Touring Africa.

Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade a.k.a Mama Africa has reacted to the notion held by people that award winning singer, Beyoncé is a culture vulture who’s just trying to use Africa for her own gain.

In recent times, Africans have said that Beyoncé isn’t really concerned about what is happening in Africa and that she just uses African culture to sell her music, this allegations became stronger after she released her Black Is King.

During the heat of the #EndSARS protests Nigerians berated Beyoncé for not speaking about the protests, most of which called her a ‘culture vulture’ who preys on the good of Africa.

Reacting to this, Alade said that Beyoncé is of black ancestry so she she’s right to give praises to Africa. She disclosed this in a recent interview with The Beat 99.9 FM.

She said

“Does Beyoncé look like she has black ancestry? Obviously she does, so who should she give praises to. What culture is she vulturing off so to say?  if we ourselves keep saying that black Americans need to remember their roots why is it that when they do, we want to uproot them.”

Alade added that Beyoncé cannot possibly tour the whole of Africa because of the high risk involved. The music star made reference to when she personally toured Nigeria and what she faced on the tour.

In her words;

“About touring Africa, lets be serious! Are our African artists touring Africa? Touring America has a defined system from train to buses with everything ready to go. Touring Nigeria of which I did 7 years ago is literally life-threatening.

From the roads to everything not being in place. The challenges big event companies face while planning interstate events from only trying to move equipment from one city to another is very challenging because there is no standard. With Beyoncé, you need to bring the standard all the way. While shooting the videos we used her exact glam team from makeup to hair to everything. There is standard and I understand that perfectionism.

“It is here, you want make car jam her, make hospital no fit treat am, con lose Beyoncé for Africa. When we think certain things we need to apply it to our reality because it’s not going to work. Even me, I will not dare wake up that I want to tour only Nigeria, am I mad?”

See video below;





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