Video:OMG! Cardi B Gifts Younger Sister G-wagon To celebrate 24th birthday

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This year, rapper Cardi B has celebrated two importatnt people in her life in a very unique and special way on their birthdays. They happen to be her husband and her beloved kid sister.

The rapper on her husband’s birthday gifted him $500,00 as his present and we thought that was the only benevolent act the rapper will be doing this year but she has proven everyoe wrong.

In a video that has become the talk of the day, she gifted her younge sister a brand new G-Wagon a s she turns 24.

Carolina who couldn’t cotain her joy any longer took to social media to share how her sister has been kind to her and also showed apprecition.

In celebrating her sister, Cardi B also took to social media and shared athrowback photo of them both adding that her sister is the best auntie.

Watch the video below: