Video:Russia Allegedly Unleashes More Than 500 Lions On Road To Ensure People Stay At Home

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Coronavirus has gradually become a global canker as it becomes so hard to fight it. The disease has killed so many people since the begining of March.

Yesterday, Italy recorded 4,825 death as a result of the widespread of coronavirus.

The deadly disease began in Wuhan in China but after sometime the spread went down and currently affecting other countries including Africa.

Yesterday Ghana recorded one death as a result of the virus. The spread of the virus has compelled the president of Ghana to shut all its borders and has also declared Wednesday, as National prayer and fasting to help avert the disease.

In wake of measures put in place to fight the virus, the Russian government has unleashed 500 lions on the street of Russia to deter people from coming out of their homes. It is uncertain as to whether the Russian government have indeed put in this mechanism to curb the spread of the coronavirus but we will keep you updated if indeed there is something like this happening in Russia.

Indeed the disease has gotten out of hands and we pray God forgives the world and wipe the disease away.