Video:Trotro Driver Graduates With First Class In Unversity of Ghana, Legon

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A former commercial bus driver has inspired a lot of students by graduating with a first class degree and the best of his class.

Jacob Semekor Mordzifa, who graduated this year, November 2019 majored in Geography and Resource Development and came out the best student with a final grade point average (FGPA) of 3.91.

Briliant Jacob revealed in an interview how his family could not support him financially after he got admission into the University in 2005.

He added that he was forced into the Trotro business after his family’s inability to support his education after he completed Sogakope Senior High School.

“My driving force was the fact that out of a non-educated family of 21, with 6 wives to my dad, I could be the one to go to school and bring some light to the house,” he stated.

Out of perseverance and determination, Jacob is now a first degree holder.

Watch the video below: