Video:Two Ghanaian Pastors Exchange Blows And Insults Over Preaching Space In Kumasi

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Indeed preaching the word of God to humanity in Ghana has finally become a business venture that a lot of people rush into even if they have not been called by God and the rate at which such preachers are emerging is becoming alarming by the day.

In a video that is fast spreading on the internet, two Ghanaian preachers were seen in a market said to be in the Ashanti region of Ghana fighting over preaching space.

This started when one of the preachers who used to preach at the supposed spot only to be greeted by another preacher preaching at his spot and this didn’t go well with him as he resorted to insults and this provoked the other one to insult him back.

It eventually escalated into a big fight as they were seen exchanging blows all because of preaching space.

The word of God which many were shy of sharing in the past has graduated into a lucrative business venture that majority of people want to engage in, in recent times.

Below is the video of the two fighting: