Viewer Discretion Advised!! Young Man Who Went Viral For Beating And Kicking An Old Lady Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine (Video)

A young man was recorded beating and kicking an old lady, in a horrendous assault that has since gone viral on social media leading quite a number of people to react in worry.

The young man is seen in the video utilizing a long stick to whip the old woman. He at that point pushes her to the ground, hits her on various occasions and guess what, kicks her in the process.

Some neighbors were seen beseeching the young man with one attempting to pull him off the old lady, yet he continues to return to assault her.

The man has been identified as Sunday Maduegbunam Kosisochukwu from Ogidi in Anambra state.

Report has it that he was confronted by the youth in the community after the video of him beating the lady went viral on social media. They inquired as to whether the video was doctored and he conceded he’s the one in the video and it wasn’t doctored.

He recognized he fouled up and requested pardoning.

Nonetheless, the youths caused him to have a sample of his medication. They the gave him the beating of his life which we believe he is never going to forget.

Checkout the video below;



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