Vim Lady drops first reaction after Kevin Taylor claim she will die in Two weeks time (Screenshot)

Broadcast journalist and media personality of Loud Silence Media, Kelvin Ekow Taylor has boldly disclosed that Afia Pokua A.K.A Vim Lady will die in two weeks if she does not take care adding that, she has discredited Ghana’s democracy.

Vim Lady on December 14 took to social media and disclosed that she would not be surprised if she wakes up one morning and get to find out in the news that a journalist has been killed. According to her, both the NDC and NPP journalist have no control over election results

Apparently, Vim Lady’s comment with regards to the tension in some parts of the country and how some members of the NDC have expressed their anger on some journalists all because the elections were not going in their favor did not really sit well with Kelvin Taylor and has since taken to social media to call her out.

According to Kelvin Taylor, the probability of Vim Lady dying in 2 weeks time is very high is care is not taken all because he thinks she has dented Ghana’s democracy. Kelvin also added that Vim Lady was paid by some people but failed to find her target. He also demanded Vim lady retract her statement suggesting some journalist might die and say she would rather be the one to die.

It seems Afia Pokuaa is not bothered about what Kevin Taylor said even though in a Post she revealed that she has been down at work.

Posting a Photo of her with Mickey Darling, she revealed how Mickey has been encouraging her anytime she finds herself down. She wrote: Meet Mikey Darling one of the good guys. This guy will make you feel at home in the office on any day you find yourself down.
He is the super ladies man of Despite media. Say hi to him for photo bombing my photo

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