Warning! Bathing with warm water can dry up your sperm, Research reveals

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Bathing in hot tubs may reduce male fertility, researchers say from the United States. The three-year studies supported men’s advice to avoid overheating their sperm. The sperm count rose 491% in 5 out of 11 men with fertility problems after they stopped bathing in hot water or using hot tubs for a few months.

The men attending the fertility clinic who were exposed to more than 30 minutes of hot water a week were collected during the shower, jacuzzi or hot tubs. After three to six months of staying away from the hot bath, about half of the participants showed a five-fold improvement in sperm counts. The sperm movement increased from 12% to 34% in the responding men to move away from hot baths.

Five out of six men who did not show improvement were chronic smokers, which is why researchers are not responding to the hot bath.

Sperm is known to favor the cold environment of growth, which is why the testicles are located outside the man’s body in the scrotum.

“These activities should be added to the list of recommendations and things to avoid for men in their perception of their way of life,” said Dr. Paul Torick, lead author of the study at the Center for Reproductive Health at the University of California, San Francisco.

“Men can improve their fertility by moving away from hot water. According to Torek, another study examining the relationship between hot water and fertility was conducted in 1965.

After men exposed to hot water for 30 minutes on different days, the researchers found a temporary shortage of sperm production, but did not look for quality before and after the study.

Alan Bassey, a senior lecturer in theology at the University of Sheffield, said it seemed self-evident that hot baths were responsible for reducing the number of sperm, but it was not clear how it affected fertility.