“We wont steal ballot boxes for you this year,Let your Daughters do that for you” A Plus fires politicians

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The leader and founder of The People’s Party has sends a strong warning to politicians on behalf of the Ghanaian youths saying this year they need to work hard because no Youth in Ghana is going to steal Ballot box for them during the election.

According to him, No youth will be used to steal ballot boxes like the way they use to do in the past on the day of the elections because this time, they have learnt their lessons.

He made this known in a live video on the 16th of August whiles addressing his friends and followers. He advised the youth to us the monies given to them to buy lands at Kasoa or Pokuase. He told them to think about their futures and allow the kids of the Politicians to do that kind of Job during the elections.

“On the day of elections, we will gather all they boys and be at one corner. This year we will not steal ballot boxes for any politicians. They should use their children for that purpose. Rawlings should take his daughters and Akufo Addo should also take his daughters to go and do that”

“If any politician gives you money to distribute to the boys to steal a ballot box, use the money to buy land in Kasoa or use the money to buy land in pokuase”