Wesley Kesse fumbles as Delay grills him on allegations of him being Gay

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TikTok Star Wesley Kesse had his fair share of Delay’s grill during an interview with her recently. Trust Delay to get all the hidden information from celebrities while grilling them. Delay during her Interview with Tiktok Star Wesley asked him to clarify the air on him allegedly being tagged as Gay

In a snippet of her Interview with Wesley on her Instagram page, Delay asked him why he people thinks he is Gay and how he feels about it. In her words, She said: “Why do people think you are Gay”

He then responded saying maybe its because he dress in female attire in his content on TikTo. In his words, he said: “Probably because I mostly do my content wearing female stuff. My star is too big so people need to talk about my life a little”

Unsatisfied with the answer, Delay asked why he was single out as Gay even tho there are other male content creators who also dress in female stuffs just to promote their content like Wesley. Dumbfounded he just stirred at Delay as she proceeded to ask if its because He used to have Gay friends in the past.