“What Does It Really Take To Be Human And Kind?” Actress Ifemeludike Fires At Producers Who Mistreat Upcoming Actors- See Screenshots

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Nollywood actress, Ifemeludike full name Chioma Grace Ifemeludike has taken a swipe at film producers who always neglect upcoming actors whenever they are on set.

Ifemeludike has asked producers what it would take for them to be human and kid. According to her, charity begins at home so produces need to cater for the welfare of those upcomers and not just the celebrities alone.

In a post on her Instagram page on Friday, January 29, the actress cursed any producer who receives welfare funds from the executive producers but always pocket it. According to her, God will punish them and that money will eat up their harvest.

The post reads;

” As a producer the first thing on your budget presentation to the exec. Producer Should be welfare of both cast and crew,up comers or down comers. Nobody is arguing that celebrities don’t deserve better treatment but let it not be at the detriment of the youngsters and crew who happen to be the engine room of filmmaking… Not providing food on set at least twice is dehumanizing and it’s even more appalling that these youngsters see the wide gap between then and their seniors… If as a producer you collect welfare budget from your executive producer and divert it to your personal pocket, God will punish you!

“That money will become a devourer and eat up your havest! What does it really take to be human and kind???? You open your mouths to criticize government when our industry reeks of nepotism, corruption, wickedness, envy, gossips etc. Charity begins at home. As a celebrity whenever you come on set find out if these youngsters have eaten or if the crew members packaging you to greatness are being taken care of… Be the change you seek!!!”

Meanwhile, her followers have applauded her for speaking for her juniors, the actress while interacting in the comment section revealed she passed through the ill treatment when she was still new in the industry.

See screenshots below;