“When Are You Getting Married” the most stupid question people ask

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Ghanaian playwright, author, and motivational speaker, Uncle Ebo Whyte has fired a shot at people who ask some personal but unnecessary questions. The playwright expressed displeasure at the question that many Ghanaians or to a larger extent Africans like to ask. That question is: ‘When are you getting married?

Uncle Ebo describes such a question as ‘stupid.’ He explained that such questions are unnecessary since it brings untoward pressure on the person being asked. He added that marriage is not something that must be done within a specific time frame to please society. According to him, a marriage must be a well-thought-out plan and must be done at the right time.

Therefore, Uncle Ebo Whyte, says those who ask such questions are not knowledgeable enough to know that such questions are not civil. He was speaking on DaybreakHitz on Accra-based Hitz FM.