“Where are these two clowns?? Afia Schwar declares vawulence on her ex husband but social media users teases her for missing him after Tracey got married

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Ghanaian Actress and Comedian Afia Schwar seems to have missed her ex Husband Abrokwah after the marriage of Tracey Boakye, The comedian today is currently on a throwback spree as she has shared Videos and Pictures of her ex Husband and Abrokwah

Earlier this Morning, She shared a Video of her ex husband shading him for wanting her house after their messy divorce. It could be recalled that Afia Schwar and Her Ex Husband made several headlines a couple of years ago when her ex husband caught her on bed with another man on their matrimonial bed.

Posting a Video of Abrokwah and his Girlfriend, Afia Schwar mocked them by calling them clowns and asking where they could be. Social media users are currently teasing her for missing her ex husband especially after the marriage of Tracey.

She captioned it:Where are these two clowns??
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