“Where is your husband, Eno be you marry last week” Social Media users question as Bridget Otoo claims she is lonely

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Ghanaian Journalist Bridget Otoo has caused a stir on Twitter after dropping a very controversial post. Bridget Otoo recently made headlines when video and Pictures of her heavily Pregnant and getting married hit social media.

Social media kept buzzing as her marriage came as a surprise to many people who thought the Journalist was a strong feminist activist who wouldnt even want a man in her life. She even once revealed that she is looking for a man who can cook and clean 24/7 and her post caused a lot of uproar on social media.

On Twitter, the Actress has dropped a post claiming she is very lonely and she has nobody for her own, tho it was a harmless post and just a lyrics from a song, social media users are asking where her husband is and how could she be lonely when she just got married recently and is supposed to be enjoying her marriage.

One user even wrote: Eno be u marry last week?