woman divorces her husband after she found out he is a garbage collector and not am employee at the Airport like he claims

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Shamim, a lady from the Embakasi area has disclosed her reasons why she decided to divorce her Husband, why she could not forgive him and revealed she would not do so anytime soon.

In an interview with Anthony Ndiema on the Nisamehe show, Shamim revealed that her husband of 10 years has been keeping a huge secret away from her which she recently found out that is why she is unable to forgive him.

According to her, she thought or had always known that her husband was an employee at JKIA but not until she had an argument with her neighbor that she learnt she has been living a lie.

“Normally, he leaves in the morning smartly dressed and You’d never notice. so we were fighting for water with the other women and one of them just came out and told me, “There’s no way your special while your husband is a garbage collector” I tried to defend myself knowing she was wrong but the rest backed her and I thought then there must be some truth about it”

When David returned from work, Shamim forced him to confessed which he did and pleaded with her to forgive him but she refused and asked if there we more lies but he denied saying his Job was the only lie he ever told her.