“Y3 na ware” Lydia Forson emotionally narrates how she was trolled by construction workers asking her to get married

Controversial Ghanaian Actress Lydia Forson has revealed how she was trolled a a construction site simply because she is unmarried at the age of 36years and single.

Although on several occasion she has revealed why she is still unmarried, it seems the pressure mounting on her to settle down is not settling down soon.

Revealing in a voice note on Twitter, Lydia Forson disclosed how she was trolled by some construction site workers asking her to get married since is isnt getting any younger

Sharing the emotional moment, she revealed how she visited the construction site with her assistant, and these men looked down on her because she doent have a ring on her finger.

She claim she realized the construction workers wanted to make her feel bad and miserable with what they were saying just as they are because she is in a better position than they are.

Listen to the voice note below

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