“Yes I’m Lesbian, I Belong To The Alphabet Mafia!” YBNL Princess Speaks On Her Preferences And Her Sour Relationship With Olamide.

Nigerian rapper, YBNL Princess real name Temmie Ovwasa has spoken about her sexuality and has dropped hint on her relationship with her former record label CEO, Olamide Badoo.

Temmie revealed that she’s a lesbian and also part of the Alphabet Mafia- a brand used for connecting and bring about acceptance for the  LGBTQIA+ folks.

In a question and answer section with her followers on her Instagram page on Thursday, December 3, Temmie told a follower to be proud of saying the word Lesbian and Bisexual instead of saying ‘Les and Bi’. She added that she’s part of the ‘L Division’- Lesbian included in LGBTQIA.

She also blasted followers who asked her why Olamide wasn’t promoting her new album, some other people also asked her why she has refused to remove the ‘YBNL’ out of her name on Instagram. Temmie further stated that she would be making more songs on gay and lesbianism.

See screenshots below;



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