YOLO Star Aaron Adatsi Speaks For The 1st Time After Naming Ceremony of His Son With Baby Mama Eyram

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Last weekend popular YOLO star Aaron Adatsi who is always preaching abstance in the series christened his son with his baby mama Eyram.

This got many of his fans bashing him for living a contrary life from what he is seen preaching in the YOLO series.

Despite some bashing him for having a son out of wedlock some were surprised he was able to thread that path. Well Aaron has finally broken his silence after news of christening his son stormed online.

In his words he said; Several months back, I, together with my family and some close relations welcomed an unimaginable blessing into our lives.

While I did not envision putting out a statement to welcome my blessing; it has become necessary to take control of the narrative – as unforeseen circumstances have robbed me of the precious opportunity to formally outdoor my blessing to the world at my own convenience.

News of his christening has come as a surprise to many and over the past few days, has stirred up conversations regarding who I am and what I stand for.

He added that;I understand that in some of my professional engagements I have come to represent many morally upright things to the masses, but, in all humility, I refuse to hoist the flag of hypocrisy as a substitute to taking responsibility of the choice I made.

The very core of my human nature and some of my professional endeavors underline the need to make choices one can be responsible for – and for this subject, I did.

 am now better equipped as I could ever be, with first-hand experience, to continue leading in my unofficial capacity as an ASRH ambassador.
So come, join me on my mission to represent the broader spectrum of people – both young and old, who boldly accept their responsibilities and forge ahead for a better future against the judgement and stigma that plague our society.
Thank you for all your well wishes and support.

God bless us all. AA