“You Are A Thief, It’s Gun That Is Remaining For You To Carry!” DJ Switch Blasts LASG For Planning To Auction 88 Vehicles Impounded From Traffic Violators- See Video

Nigerian activist and Disc Jockey, DJ Switch real name Obianuju Catherine Udeh has blasted the Lagos State Government, LASG for obtaining court order to auction 88 Vehicles impounded from traffic offenders.

DJ Switch has called them thieves, according to her, it’s gun that is just remaining for them to carry. She said that they should have given them a minimum jail term or a fine for their offence instead of selling off their vehicles.

She also slammed celebrities and social media influencers for keeping silent about the whole issue. She expressed her displeasure via a lengthy video in her official Instagram page on Tuesday, January 19.

In her words;

”I just read on the news that the Lagos State Environmental Unit through their inept and corrupt mobile court gave the order for people’s cars to be auctioned off, to be sold off. What happened to fines? Why can’t you fine these people? Give them something to pay? What happened to minimum jail term? A weekend in jail? Community service? What happened to those options? You want to sell off …You are a thief. Lagos state government is a thief. You are short of just carrying guns.  It is gun that is remaining for you. You are a thief. ”

”I am very certain that a lot of these people that their cars are there are crying out but nobody knows them. Where are our celebrities? Where are our influencers? You have so many followers”

”The government didn’t even come up with creative ways to distract us and we are distracted. We have still not seen any noteworthy person go to jail over Lekki. What happened? SARS is still running up and down the streets of this country, what happened there? I can go on. The other one went to demolish someone’s business because of an alleged sex party, what happened? We need to talk, please”

See video below;



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