You Are Useless, Your Entire Earnings Is Not Closer To 30% of My Show Money-Davido Blasts Social Media User

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A lot of the times social media users troll and bully celebs on social media and one Jack Obinyan-Buhari tried to do same to Nigeria star, Davido but it turned out to be a bad day for him.

The socail media stated i a tweet that Davido didn’t do well by arresting the girls who claimed to be pregnan for him after they apologized to him publicly.

He described Davido as a crap who never got arrested after all the nonsense he spewed during the Osun elections, adding that he dislike him.

Davido who got furious by this statement revealed that the social media user made all those comment because he is bitter, he Davido who is half the age of the social media user is greater than him.

He added that the man is a loser and and a useless person.

Below is his post: