“You cannot win election by sharing laptops and pounding Fufu” Leila Djansi drags John Dumelo into the Mud

Its no news that Actor Cum Politician John Dumelo has lost the Parliamentary seat to his opponent Madam Lydia Alhassan. NPP’s parliamentary Candidate Lydia Alhassan won with 39,851 valid votes with John behind with 37,778 valid votes.

Looking at social media, John Dumelo has been trolled enough especially by the youths claiming that upon all that he did for his constituency, they still voted him out. Filmmaker Leila Djansi in a lengthy post on her social media handle has congratulated John Dumelo but advised him to go and do his Homework well and come back 2024.

She wrote:

Elections conducted on bribery SHOULD always end in a loss. #GhanaDecides. BUT, my Jonivi did so well that, it will keep the MP on her toes to WORK FOR THE PEOPLE. Congratulations @johndumelo1 . Try again by championing causes in your industry; FILM. Let’s SEE your history of serving. There’s so much to be fixed in Ghana’s film industry. Please lead that fight and then, you come back trained and ready.

Guys, If you desire politics in your future, start NOW where ever you are. Cultivate a habit of serving and leading initiatives. Don’t wake up one morning and start bribing, braiding, pounding and bonding cos you want votes. That’s disrespectful to the people. Start now! Brighten the corner where you are. Politicians need to stop taking voters for granted. You can’t bribe folks with laptop and when you win, your kid goes to Harvard and the voters kids struggle for desks and jobs.

Very proud of how assertive Ghanaians are becoming. 👏👏👏👏 Hope the entire genpop catches up soon.

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