Young Boy’s finger rot after wearing a ring belonging to his Sakawa Friend – Video

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A young boy is on the verge of loosing his finger after taking a ring that belonged to his friend to wear.

According to the narration in the video, he had no idea the ring has a spiritual backing to it. He visiting the friend, saw the ring on the table and without asking he took it and wear it.

He then sent it home and bathed with it oblivious that the rings does not like water. Since then all effort to take off the ring from his finger has proved futile

The ring has since been eating his finger and has penetrated the skin to the bones since he failed to remove it.

When the owner of the ring was asked how they would be able to take it off, he claim unless they use the blood of the of a new born baby else the boy with the ring on could lose his life

Watch video below