Young Doctor mops road after yesterday’s twenty minute heavy rain

A video of young man mopping the roads after yesterday’s twenty minutes rain has gone viral.

The young man identified as Nana Tea is seen a Doctor’s lab coat seriously mopping the muddy road which was filed with muddy rain water.

Posting the video he captioned it:

It’s raining in almost every part of Ghana ATM.And As u all know,I do travel alot n that’s by land, as a certified road doctor, I cnt sit and watch our roads to flood thereby causing havoc to my fellow road users. I have decided to mop the road making it safer for other users.. keep Ghana clean.Be a citizen and not a spectator. Enjoy your evening Fam n stay safe✊🥂


Lastly he added saying: “I am almost done mopping the road but where to throw the muddy water is my headache now. any help? the guy in d truck is saying “dis guy is on some cheap drugs like paracetamol” Depression is real…DNT take everything too personal loosen up n enjoy. im still ur road doctor. Goodnight Fam

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