You’re An Offspring Of Satan If You Love Money Without Care For Who Loses- Actress Eucharia Anunobi Blows Hot.

Veteran Nollywood actress and Pastor Eucharia Anunobi has blasted those who love money without caring about where the money came from or who losses.

Anunobi said that anyone who loves money to the extent that they clamour for it without minding who gets hurt is a twin of Judas Iscariot and an offspring of Satan.

The 55-year-old also blasted those who use people and fail to compensate them just because of the greed of money. She said this in a post on her Instagram page on Monday night, December 21.

In her words;

“Loving money to the point of clamouring for it without a care whose ox is gored makes you the twin of Judas Isacariot and the offspring of satan !

“Knowing a person is unworthy of a position , or has serious character flaws that they are not making effort to rectify yet because of the money you’re getting from them , you sing their praises : that makes you what ?

“You also know that a person deserves to be remunerated better but because of your greed for money, you deny them of their dues : that makes you what ??

Sorry, did you say , YOU’RE A CHILD OF GOD ??? Aaaaah you’re not !!! Matthew 6 : 24 , Luke 6 : 13″

See screenshot below;





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