You’re F00lish And A Slave If You Bear English Names-KKD Speaks

by - 2 mins

Media personality Kwasi Kyei Darkwah well known as KKD has stirred up massive debate on social media following a comment he made about Africans bearing English names.

According to report, KKD says Africans bearing English names simply means they are still under slavery because such names were forced on them during colonization.

He noted that the whites deliberately forced their names on Africans so they can gradually wipe away the rich African culture.

‘Are our names so evil? Are they so bad that because you want to go to church, somebody has to change your name? I don’t understand it. So, I insisted on using Kwasi Kyei Darwkah to make a statement that the first name is not English, the middle name is not English and the last names certainly not English”.

KKD stressed that if Africans stop using the white man’s name they can certainly free their minds which are in bondage.

”Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds. Think of your ancestors who were whipped on the back and forced to accept another man’s names. Why then in freedom do I still want to fall into that trap and call myself by another man’s name”. he stated.

Thanks to colonization and globalization its hard to see most Africans using just African names without English names attached.